Living 40 plus and fabulous

Living 40 plus and fabulous

Monday, February 20, 2012

Let the training begin!

If you have been following this blog from the start you will know that one of my goals this year is to run (not walk) in a 5K. I haven't run since I was in junior high. Since I am now 38 that is a really really long time ago. I asked several friends if they knew of any to try. My friend Steve told me about one that is in April called the Cherry Creek Sneak. Steve is actually the one that inspired me to run in a race in the first place. Last year he started training and since then he has lost a lot of weight and run in many races. On Friday I signed up for this. It is April 29th in Denver. Steve and his wife Mary are going to do the race. My sister has signed up and I hope my friend Pam will join as well. I'm going to try to get others to join too. The more the merrier!

To start training for this I downloaded a couch to 5K training program for my iphone. On Saturday I did my first training. I am very proud to say that I jogged! The program is great. It starts out with several minutes of walking to warm up them switches from jogging to walking slowing building up to just running. It has a time clock on it and will prompt when to walk and when to jog. You can also program songs to play. I really enjoyed it. I jogged for the whole time I was supposed to and didn't stop even though my lungs were burning!

I haven't found a treadmill yet but now that the weather is getting nicer I think I will be able to train outside. I am still on the lookout for a treadmill but I am not going to let that stop me from training. I also bought some new running shoes and workout gear. I'm ready to go!

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