Living 40 plus and fabulous

Living 40 plus and fabulous

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Homemade Ravioli

For Christmas my sister got the pasta attachments for her KitchenAid mixer and we have been wanting to make pasta so we decided to do that on Sunday. Instead of making plain pasta we made ravioli. We have made it in the past but the experience was not good. This time we were able to see what worked for us and what didn’t. You could say though that we got a little carried away with our fillings. We made 3 different kinds – Italian sausage, spinach and mushroom and butternut squash. We didn’t really follow a recipe for the fillings we just threw cheese and spices in until it tasted good. There was too much filling so we ended up making little lasagna cups with the Italian sausage filling. We also ended up having too much butternut squash filling so I froze most of that and will make soup out of it in a couple weeks. Here is our attempt….

Here we are making the dough. We made two batches total. 

The fillings- Italian sausage, butternut squash and spinach and mushroom

Here we are making the traditional shape for the ravioli with the butternut squash

We had two different cutters and this is what we ended up with.  We weren't very happy with the size or the amount  of dough waste. 

Lasagna cups! Italian sausage filling inside wonton cups, pasta sauce, topped with cheese and baked.

The finished product. Super Yummy!!!

We finally found a way to use all the dough with no waste. Cut squares, put some filling in the center, then roll into a "pillow" shape. Seal the edges with a little water, 
Our pillow shaped pasta. 
We didn't get as much stuffed pasta as we would have liked but we did figure out what to do next time to make the process much easier! We froze the pasta so that we can enjoy these yummy little morsels for the next couple months. 

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  1. That looks amazing. I love how much cooking your doing. It inspires me!