Living 40 plus and fabulous

Living 40 plus and fabulous

Monday, June 4, 2012

I would like to start out by apologizing to you for slacking off and not updating this blog like I should. I have had a slow month so I didn't feel like sharing my struggles. That is not why I started this blog so I will try to keep updated as much as possible.

After my 5k I felt lost. I didn't know what to do anymore or what to train for. I guess I felt like the race was done so now what? I continued to eat fairly well but I would only walk a few times or ride my bike. (Which I got at a garage sale for a great price!) I quit waking up early and no longer did the JM workouts. I could see myself slowly reverting into my old self that I had been trying so hard to change. I realized about a week ago that  I can't do this alone. I don't know what I am doing and I need help. I turned to a friend of mine that is a trainer and decided to bite the bullet and see if he would train me. It was the best decision I have made in a long time. He is going to train me hard core for a month and we will see where I am and how things are going.  We met yesterday and he set out a 2 week cardio plan for me to follow along with 3 main guidelines.

1. Don't eat after 7 at night -
2. drink water all day long
3. Don't drink your calories.

They seem pretty basic but if you stop to think about it, not as easy to do as you would think. I  joined Weight Watchers as well to get me on track with food. If I'm paying for this trainer I want to make sure that I am on point with food and I know that WW can help with that.

As far as the cardio plan goes, he gave me three different exercises to do each morning. Each lasts only about 30 minutes and I rotate them throughout the week.

Monday & Thursday - Treadmill interval training - 5 minute warm up then I do 20 minutes switching every minute from walking at 3.5 at an incline to 3.0 at no incline.

Tuesday & Friday - I call it the hill of health. There is a small hill by my house that I have to do three different exercises to get to the top and I do that 3 times. This should be nice and embarrassing in front of my neighbors. ha!

Wednesday & Saturday - Walk up the trail behind my house to the top of the hill

At night he wants me to do what he calls "mindless cardio". That will be 30 minutes of stationary bike, walking or anything simple.

I started this morning and I am really excited for this next month. I will make sure to keep you posted on how I am doing. :)

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