Living 40 plus and fabulous

Living 40 plus and fabulous

Thursday, October 15, 2015


When I decided to relaunch my blog I wanted to go in several directions. I wanted to do weight loss, fashion, glamping - all sorts of random topics. Originally this blog was my weight loss "diary" of sorts and it served me for the time. I now realize that I need more in my life. I need to work on the inside so that the outside can follow. I want to make my life as fantastic and as fabulous as I can. Even living in hayseed Colorado.

When I think of a fabulous woman, I envision a skinny blonde with perfect skin, red lips, high heels, body dripping with exquisite jewels and she is drinking champagne and if this were 1985 she would probably be smoking a long skinny cigarette too.
Well if being fabulous is all these things then the only thing I have going for me is the champagne. And it is not even real champagne, its sparkling wine from California or Trader Joe's if I want more bang for my buck.

I finally decided that I need to work on my body image issues and do a lot of personal development but I also realized that I need to do more in my life in general. Stop sitting around and watching TV, stop wishing I could wear the latest fashions and look good, start doing things and taking more chances and mostly just stop worrying what I think other might think about me. It is pointless and will get me nowhere fast. If I want to write about weight loss, I will. If I want to show you the progress of my glamper, I will. If I want to buy a kick ass outfit and wear it like I'm hot, I will! I just want people, me, to see that just because you are 40, 50, 60 + that you are not too old or too fat to do and wear what you want and be a fabulous, bad ass woman.

This brings me to my new logo -

I thought of the name "40 plus and fabulous" on my way to work one day. After searching for domain names I saw that it was taken so a wonderful woman in a facebook blogging group suggested that I add the "living" at the front. I will be the first to admit that I like it better than my original idea. Just to give you a little inside scoop, the 40 plus refers to my age (I'm 41) and my size, wink, wink - get it?! Oh, I am so witty and clever... 

If I could just channel my mother, father and grandfather from the era of when people gave a shit, this is what I envision as fabulous (based purely on physical attributes mind you) - 

Seriously?!? She looks like she is in the slums of a 3rd world country and she's wearing a matching dress suit and pearls. And her hair, can't get more fabulous. My dad is not too bad either. (wink. wink)
All I can say is "Look at the hat!" - Fabulous.... Man in uniform - Fabulous...

Where do I start with this one? This is when men were men and probably didn't want to be called fabulous but that is the only word I have for this picture.

Anyway, you get my point.

At the moment I will admit that I am not as fabulous as I'd like to be right now but I totally intend to fake it til I make it. I hope that you will stick around and see what I can do. 

P.S.- If you are interested in your own fantabulous graphic, please see my friend Josh Potter at Graphic Assassin. He is fabulous his own self!


  1. Hi Wendy, I love this. You are fabulous! And, omg, your parents were so cute! I'm 44, and although I feel fabulous on some days, I admit, it does get harder. My body is changing and my memory is going. But, age is just a number, right? The good thing is the older I get, the less I care about what other people think of me and that gives me a lot more self confidence now than when I was young. Anyway, great post, I look forward to reading more about your journey!

  2. Love the post! Well done. I think dapper is a good word for the gents pictured here.

  3. Kristy O'HayreOctober 15, 2015 at 9:31 PM

    Love it and officially following!

  4. Love it! This blog is so perfectly you and that's what makes it so great!