Living 40 plus and fabulous

Living 40 plus and fabulous

Monday, January 23, 2012

Chicken Gyro Sandwich

Sorry this is late getting posted. I was not 100% on my game last week but I will get to that in my next post for my weekly recap. Last week I made Chicken Gyro Sandwiches for my new weekly meal. Let me just tell you that they were so yummy!!! I love the traditional gyros but I am a little intimidated to try cooking lamb. Also the cost is a little high and chicken is healthier and I had it in my freezer. I originally found the recipe on Another great time sucking website next to It will make you incredibly hunger but might also inspire you to try some new meals. For the original recipe here is the blog "the girl who ate everything. The original recipe says to either cook the chicken in a skillet or broil it. I used a skillet to cook mine. Next time I make these though I will cut the chicken into bite size pieces before I marinate and cook it. I found that the Greek yogurt marinate started to burn before the chicken was done and the smaller bite size pieces will allow the chicken to cook faster before it burns. I ended up cutting the chicken into pieces anyways to get them to fully cook. The end result was delicious! I also made the tzatziki sauce which is a definite must for this meal.

Just looking at that makes me want to make these again! I used some flat bread that I had in my freezer from my last trip to Trader Joe's but I am sure that a pita would be just as delicious. The whole recipe made 4 servings of chicken so I was able to bring these to work for lunch. I know that my side dish of french fries is not very healthy but that is just too bad. I only had one serving (per package instructions) and that is a good for me considering I used to eat twice that amount of fries (anything made from potatoes are my weakness). For my lunches though I just paired the sandwich with cooked veggies. I would definitely recommend that you try this recipe. It was super simple and super delicious!!

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