Living 40 plus and fabulous

Living 40 plus and fabulous

Monday, April 27, 2015

Well hello there!

I'm not quite sure why I decided to get back on my blog. It has been years since I have even thought about it and as you can see it is sadly out of date. So much in my life has changed since my last post so very long ago.

During the beginning of 2013 I lost 40 lbs and felt absolutely fabulous and happy with my body and where I was headed. I was confident and loved working out and eating fresh healthy stuff. In May 2013 I met a wonderful man and fell madly in love. What I found out about love is that it breeds comfort and with that I gained all 40 lbs back and then for good measure I added another 15-20 lbs on top of that.
I quit working out and bad habits replaced good. Even though I am so happy in my relationship, I am not happy with me. I hate the way I feel every day and I hate the way I look every day. I am the absolute heaviest I have ever been in my life and also the unhappiest with myself. It’s kind of a double edge sword- on one side I am happy as can be and the other side completely unhappy. Unfortunately one side bleeds to the other and I find myself wondering what my boyfriend sees in me physically and how he can love me like he does. I don’t like looking at my body so why would he? It is thoughts like that have made me hit a point in my life that if I don’t fix myself and how I feel about me it will sabotage and ruin my relationship and I will not allow that to happen. I realize that I need to love me fully inside and out. I also don’t want to feel this way anymore, relationship or not. I need this for me and only me. I don’t want to be the frumpy fat girl that always puts a false smile on her face. It is not healthy and I refuse to live my life like this any longer!

I have decided to take control of my life and make changes where I can. I will eat healthy and exercise, obviously the only true way to lose weight and keep it off. I also want to embrace fashion and style, regardless of the size of clothes I have to buy! There is no reason that I can’t be fashionable and trendy even at a size I don’t intend to stay at. 

Here is where I started, where I was 40 lbs lighter and now. I try not to get mad at myself for gaining all that weight back. There is nothing I can do about it now but move forward and find that confident woman again. 

I hope this blog will serve as inspiration to anyone feeling unhappy and unhealthy! Here's to a new me on the inside and out! 



  1. I feel your pain, Wendy. I do the same thing to myself. Good luck and know you are loved.